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The Family Support Program recognizes that families, for a variety of reasons, require support from time to time as they attempt to navigate through many life challenges compounded by the demands of parenting. We work alongside the family through this journey helping to bring understanding, support, and guidance.

The supports we can offer are very diverse yet are specific to the current needs of all members of the family.  This generally involves:

  • Assessing the specific needs of the family and developing goals together
  • Promoting healthy, safe parent-child relationships and overall family wellness
  • Connecting family members to key services and supports in the community in a way that works for them
  • Working as a team with the family and Ministry social workers through the Integrated Case Management approach
  • Helping families find new ways to meet life’s challenges and stressors

The Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) funds this program.



  • Krista Robson

    Krista has been with NCS since 2018

  • Donna Wright

    Donna has been with NCS since 1999. Background in family services field.

  • Lindsay Dew

    Lindsay has been with NCS since 2015. BFA, Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Art Therapy.

  • Tara Gray

    Tara has been with NCS since 2017. Child, Youth and Family Studies Diploma, ECE.