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The Family Counselling Program is available to those adults/couples who are actively parenting children yet are experiencing emotional distress. The counselling approach is based on a genuine, respectful relationship, and the assumption that clients are the best experts on themselves. The emphasis is on a deep understanding of clients and their issues, and a belief that solutions flow naturally from this kind of understanding. Clients are supported to set their own goals and discover solutions that feel authentic and personal.This program also includes family counselling and parent-teen conflict resolution as a way to promote healthy family dynamics.

For men seeking to improve their relationship skills, confidence, and experience, the Family Counselling Program offers 7-week group programs called “Building Rewarding Relationships”. Contact the Family Counsellor to find out more about this program.

This program is funded by the Ministry of Children and Family Development.


  • Toumbi Heynen

    Toumbi has been with NCS since 2012. MEd (Counseling Psychology). Registered Canadian Art Therapist.    ...