Nelson Community Services has a volunteer board of directors who share the vision, mission and values of the organization.

Jenna Skidmore   Chair

Cathy Leugner  Secretary

Monica Doyle  Director

Teresa Olleck  Director

Maureen Kelsey  Director

Jody Dudley   Director

Alison Hutchison   Director


Nelson Community Services is a non-profit, community social service provider. We are a registered Society under the BC Societies Act. As a non-profit Society, we are required to be governed by a Board of Directors (maximum of 12) that is made up of volunteers that are representative of our diverse community and can represent well the needs of the community in relation to the Society’s mandate.

Generally, NCS Board members are recruited by word of mouth. Volunteers with backgrounds in social work, education, finance, fundraising, legal, personnel, human rights, real estate, communications, and public safety are often attracted to a governance role at NCS. We are open to interest from any community member who embraces the work and the values of NCS. Being a Board member can be a very satisfying way to contribute to one’s community. In a governance role, you are largely responsible for the ‘big picture’ tasks (the agency’s mission, its values, its policies, and its strategic plan) as opposed to the day-to-day operations of the programs and services.

Board members at NCS are volunteers and do not receive remuneration for their services. There are 10 meetings per year, plus the Annual General Meeting, along with some Board Committee work throughout the year. Orientation to being a Board member is provided along with training opportunities to deepen one’s understanding of the role of the Board and its members. Terms of office are two years and can be renewed.

If you would like to know more about becoming a Board member, you can click to review the Board Recruitment Package or simply call our office and speak to the Executive Director.