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Stopping the Violence  (STV) Women’s Counselling Program

The STV Women’s Counseling Program offers individual and group counselling for self-identified women, aged 19 and older, who have experienced relationship abuse, sexual assault, and/or physical, sexual, or emotional abuse at any age. We work from a feminist perspective using a trauma-informed approach to supporting women. The program aims to offer a safe space for women to address issues that have arisen from their experiences and focuses on empowering women to make decisions that feel right for them. This can include naming the type of abuse experienced, exploring and identifying coping strategies, strengths, and increasing a sense of safety in their lives. Women are welcome to self-refer by connecting with Nelson Community Services.
This program is funded by the Ministry of Public Safety & Solicitor General.


  • Jessica Cole

    Jessica has been with NCS since 2017. BA (English), BA (Psychology), MA (Counselling Psychology) in progress.

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WOMEN INC — A four-part series                  DOORWAYS  — A four-part series

Many women and men in our community struggle to gain employment and/or meaningful community involvement due to their experiences of past trauma and other circumstances that have left them on the margins of today’s labour market. Through group-based personal development activities, individual reflection, career assessments, and community presenters, participants in these Pre-Employment group programs identify strengths, build self-confidence, develop job-ready skills, and acquire the necessary techniques for an effective job search in the 21st century.
These programs are funded and co-delivered by Kootenay Career Development Society (KCDS) who receives its mandate from the Province’s Employment Program of BC. As such, the eligibility criteria for these programs include women and men who have experienced multiple barriers to employment, identify as Aboriginal, live with disabilities, have immigrated to Canada, are eligible for the Single Parent Employment Initiative (SPEI), or who are survivors of violence and trauma.
The Women INC
This is an exciting and unique Pre-Employment Program for Women offering a blend of both personal and career development components. Sessions are designed to identify undiscovered strengths, examine and reduce barriers to employment and develop career-related skills.
Open to all women who are experiencing barriers to employment including those who are survivors of violence and abuse, identify as Indigenous, live with disabilities, or have immigrated to Canada. Childcare support and transportation subsidies are available.


The Doorways: Trauma-Informed Pre-Employment Program for Men
           This is a pre-employment group program for men offering a blend of employment and personal development components (formerly called Transitions for Men) designed to build self-confidence, identify strengths, and develop job/community engagement skills.
Eligibility Criteria: Open to all self-identified men who are experiencing barriers to employment including lived trauma, violence, or abuse that limits capacity to participate in community and employment. For men interested in exploring their recovery, personal growth and life/career planning. Childcare support & transportation subsidies available.
For inquiries about group start dates, please call either:
Nelson Community Services  at 250 352 3504 or
KCDS at 250 352 6200.




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Relationship violence can take many forms — physical abuse (harm to a partner, threats of harm), emotional abuse (put downs, raised voice, angry volatile behaviour, threats of suicide should  a woman choose to leave, threatening to take or harm children or pets), financial abuse (withholding money for basic needs, not allowing a woman enough money to have coffee with a friend or to take the bus or put gas in the car, taking money a woman has earned or received), and sexual abuse (forcing, insults, threats).

The Women’s Outreach Program is here to support women who have been or are experiencing relationship violence. We provide support, resources, and practical assistance. We can look at safety planning, housing resources, financial assistance, Legal Aid and family law options and connection to other anti- violence support services. We work from a feminist perspective which means you choose the services and supports that are right for you, and the service is confidential! Services are available to women in Nelson and the surrounding area.

This program is funded by the Ministry of Justice.


  • Joanna Talecka

    Joanna has been with NCS since 2019....

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